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Desire in recovery. Good, or bad?

Desire in recovery. Good, or bad?

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Damon Frank (00:03):

Hey, it is Damon Frank, and I'm joining you here on recovered life. I have a very special guests today, our very own George Snyder life and recovery specialist. How you doing today, George?

George Snyder (00:18):

Good to see you. Damon all is well,

Damon Frank (00:21):

It has been a crazy week, hasn't it? Yeah. In the middle of a pandemic. And, uh, I, you know, the reason why that I had you on today is I wanted to discuss our old school men's mastermind topic that we had on Monday and kind of what happened because it was one of those gatherings shorts where all week I was thinking about what people contributed, what I got out of it, how am I going to apply it? And I really, and I gotta be honest going in that, the topic I'm going to give Deborah the topic, what was the topic? It was desire. I really, I wasn't expecting the amount of impact that, that one had.

George Snyder (01:05):

I agree. I agree. I mean, you, you think about it, it seemed like a natural choice. We say, you know, TIS the season, it's all about giving and getting and shopping and one click. And so it felt right. But also when, when you talk about recovered life, I mean, you're talking about what else is that for both an obstacle and an enabling, uh, energy, but desire, what do you want? You know, and there's so much about what do I want for Christmas, all I want for Christmas. Right? So that, but the diversity of how people responded to it. I think that was what I found the most impressive. And how different ways of looking at what conceivably is the same issue. And yet it's not, you know, it's a personal thing. Yeah,

Damon Frank (01:47):

Yeah, yeah. And I like it, you know, just a little background for the people who are new to recovered life. Uh, the old school men's mastermind group has been going on. It's what I want to say four or five months now. Yeah. It's been going on for some time. I think since March.

George Snyder (02:04):

Yeah. The beginning of the pandemic. It was really when it started to say, want to get together, we wanted to get together and be a part of something.

Damon Frank (02:12):

Yeah. And George is the host of the old school men's mastermind group. And I, I wrote down some, uh, on my phone here, some notes that I wanted to ask you and you know, why tackle the issue and topic of desire? Why tackle that?

George Snyder (02:33):

Like we said earlier, it's, it's about trying to look at if you're going to have a fully, a full life and, and in recovery, a rewarding life or recovered life or real life. Right. RL. Um, it's about finding out what's in the way. A lot of it is about understanding the language of what we're talking about. When we talk about desire, what do you mean when you talk about desire? What do you mean when you say you, right. And how that can get in the way or propel you into productive action, into getting a more out of the life you're having. Right. A lot of this stuff we carry around with us or these old ideas, these conception about what it means. Um, you know, that recovery, somehow a lot of people think recovery is about not being able to have what you want. I have to give something up and it's really this it's it's, they're not mutually exclusive and it's not.

George Snyder (03:31):

I think what we find in recovery is, and the recovered life is that it's, it's not about either or it's about both, you know, it's about looking at your life and looking at the old ideas, identifying the old ideas and then implementing new ones. So the, the goal is about changing the, if you will changing the narrative and as people talked about what they, they saw, you know, you think a bunch of guys getting together, talking about desire, it's going to be like a locker room. And it was so far from that. And that too is about facilitating a space where you get to be with people you get to under, to, to feel like you can talk to people in a way that, um, other men in a way that, um, helps you get to what, what you mean when you say, I don't know what I want, or I'm in that, uh, wanting is a prayer instantly answered. You were instantly in that place of want and it's painful design.

Damon Frank (04:33):

Well, you know, George, th the thing that I got out of this, one of the things that I got out is that very early on, I noticed how I was even doing black and white thinking this desire, good, this desire, bad. How do you determine what is it? It may, maybe it's not even a determining good or bad. Maybe it's determining what works for you and what doesn't work for you with desire and recovery.

George Snyder (04:55):

Right? I think so much of what we're doing right now and what you have helped me so much and seeing is this is not about either, or this is not about this or that. It's about the human experience, desire as part of the human experience. You know, it's both as an obstacle, if it's going to get in the way and make you unhappy. But it's also what a little bit of pain is going to go do further. And we had people talking about, Hey, some of the older members, a lot of stuff, it's in the rear view mirror, but what do I want today? What are my dreams and ambitions today? Very different thing. But, you know, we get trapped in this thinking that by, as you said, Oh, that's bad. I can't think that I shouldn't do that. That is, those are the sorts of ways in which you got...

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