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How To Ask For Help in Sobriety with Guest Kyle Miller

In this episode of the Recovered Life Show, host Damon Frank is joined by Kyle Miller, a licensed clinical professional counselor and certified clinical trauma professional. The discussion delves into the often challenging yet crucial topic of 'How To Ask For Help' in the context of recovery. Kyle Miller brings a fresh perspective, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability, emotional intelligence, and relational skills in seeking assistance. This episode is particularly valuable for those in recovery, highlighting the delicate balance between independence and seeking help, a vital aspect of emotional sobriety.

Damon Frank explores his personal struggles with asking for help, relating it to broader themes of autonomy, loyalty, and the societal perception of independence. The conversation covers various aspects, including the impact of upbringing on one’s ability to seek help, the role of shame and pride in recovery, and the significance of building a supportive community. Kyle Miller provides expert insights into overcoming the barriers to asking for help, underscoring the need for self-compassion and the courage to be vulnerable.

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