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How To Stay Sober on St. Patrick's Day (with guests Kevin O'Malley, Sean Ostendorf, and Rachel Hechtman)

Join us for a special St. Patrick's Day episode of The Recovered Life Show, hosted by Damon Frank, where we dive into how to celebrate 🎉 St. Patrick's Day soberly yet joyfully. In this episode, Damon welcomes guests Kevin O'Malley, Sean Ostendorf, and Rachel Hechtman, who share their expertise and personal stories on maintaining sobriety during a holiday often associated with drinking 🚫🍺.

Kevin, a long-term sobriety champion 🏆 and founder of Tech Talk Studio, delves into the power of community in recovery and how creating new traditions can redefine holiday celebrations. From Heart and Solutions, Sean Ostendorf discusses the importance of recognizing triggers and employing mindfulness to stay present and avoid relapse. Rachel Hechtman, the magic behind Sober in Central Park and an alcohol-free sober coach, provides practical tips for those new to sobriety on how to navigate social settings without alcohol.

Whether you're in recovery or simply curious about sober celebrations, this episode offers valuable insights, encouragement, and proof that fun and St. Patrick's Day need not revolve around alcohol. Discover the joy of connecting with others, embracing new experiences, and finding fulfillment in sobriety.

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Watch, learn, and celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a new light with The Recovered Life Show.

See all the details and the main takeaways here:

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