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Recovery This Week May 24, 2024: Love Ya Enough To Tell You The Truth

Damon and Shauna discuss the tragic death of Grayson Murray and our experience with mental health in recovery.

In this episode of "Recovery This Week," Damon Frank and Shauna McKenna Vick dive into the week's critical issues surrounding mental health and addiction. Shanna shares her thoughts on the tragic news of PGA golfer Grayson Murray's death, exploring the complexities of addiction and the importance of having a strong support system. The conversation highlights the challenges faced by those with abundant resources in seeking sobriety and underscores the necessity of addressing mental health alongside addiction recovery.

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We discuss the importance of honest relationships and open communication in recovery, stressing that true support involves telling difficult truths. They also discuss the misconceptions around addiction and mental health within recovery communities, advocating for a holistic approach that includes professional help. The episode wraps up with a call for listeners to surround themselves with people who will provide genuine support and encourage ongoing conversations about these vital topics.

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