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The Awakening Must Continue! Sobriety Is Just The Beginning.

The Awakening Must Continue! Sobriety Is Just The Beginning.

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Damon Frank (00:02):

You're listening to the recovered life show the show that helps people in recovery live their best recovered lives. And here is your host, Damon Frank.

George Snyder (00:15):

His name is Frank with recovered life, and I am back with my favorite, uh, life and recovery strategist, George Snyder.

George Snyder (00:23):

Hey, man. Good to see you

George Snyder (00:26):

Really great to see you. Uh, another great talk we're going to have today here, and I love the topic that we're talking about and it's something that really, honestly, we covered a couple of times in the old school men's mastermind group. Um, and I think the way you wrote it, I think the topic is almost like a star Wars sequel SQL. It's not quite as good as the Mandalorian, but it's, it's good. And, and it's pretty clear. I give everybody the topic that you wrote. The awakening must continue. Sobriety is only the beginning. Come on guys. That's pretty good. That's ripped from the headlines.

George Snyder (01:08):

That's right. Ripped from the headlines.

George Snyder (01:12):

Well, as long as you know, we, we like to have fun here, but we also like to try to get something out of these. And I wanted to kind of dive into what this means. The awakening must continue. And it's a lot about why, you know, the ideas I've had for recovered life and, and why both of us have been really passionate about this and other people that we know have been passionate about interacting and participating in recovery life is because sobriety is really the only the beginning. You know, most of the people that, that we know that we deal with day to day will be in recovery for decades, right? They've been in recovery from decades. So it's only the beginning and the first awakening is only the first awakening. Many more awakenings must continue. And, and, you know, I think if people are listening to this, the question that they might have, and this question I'm going to ask you is what is the importance of the spiritual awakening in recovery?

George Snyder (02:11):

That's a good question. I mean, I think as you said, and I hear people in recovery say, well, you know, sobriety is what you get. I, I think that is, as you said, it's only the beginning. It's a lot of people use architecture is a metaphor, you know, building a foundation and, and, but I, I, and that's not bad, but I think for me, a better metaphor is the journey. It's a journey, you know, rom Doss said, we're all just walking each other home. And really that's so speaks to my heart and speaks to me about what this is all a bit been about. You come into recovery and you do is kind of awakening up. I mean, I remember early on thinking, I felt like I had been peeled. Do you know, just so conscious after many years of not wanting to feel, not wanting to have any sense of being to suddenly be awake and wow. You know, but that's just the start. It's gotta be just a start. It's gotta be,

George Snyder (03:17):

I think, um, I think one thing too, that you know, is always, you know, after you have been in recovery for a while, you start to, you start to realize when you're first in recovery and have these awakenings, you think, Oh, this has gotta be special to people who are just in recovery. And as you learn, awakenings have been going on with everybody for millennia. Right. But the significance of it to people who are in recovery is, is, is a, is a little different in the application about what we get out of it. Right. And you know, I, what I really like is the whole idea of, it's not really the first awakening we have to continue to awaken to enfold. And I'd love for you to hear your thoughts on that. And I know a lot of the guys, uh, added some amazing things to this that I had never thought of.

George Snyder (04:18):

Yeah. And, you know, as we say, this is not something that is not a process can be finished and done with, you know, and it was just recently talking to one of my buddies and he said, I didn't know, you could feel this way. And I said, because he sounded great and he's done a lot of he's done. A lot of work is a lot of in it's. And he said, I didn't know, you could feel this way. And I said, it's called feeling, okay, it's called feeling good. You can feel good. And that, for those of us who spend so spent so much of our lives, not feeling anything to awaken is to find out that there's a whole other way, you know, there's a Chuck Chamberlain used to say that, you know, we're a strange breed of cat. We don't, we can't see till we could see, we can't hear till we can hear.

George Snyder (05:06):

And then we do, there's a whole other, and I've said this to guys, you know, there's a whole other reality. You're just not aware of because you can't see it, can't hear it. And then you get into recovery, you get begin to put some time together and be around us. And you're like, Oh wow. Oh, wow. And I remember early on, I was walking with, uh, somebody and we're walking down the street. They had these little windup doubt, that little pink dogs that you wind them up in the street vendors, sell them on the sidewalk. And he had wound up a bunch of them that all these little pink dogs are bouncing around the sidewalk. And, uh, I wasn't really sure tell you the truth. I wasn't really sure what was happening. And the guy Lando, the guy who was, I was with leaned over and he said, they're really they're. Wow. Yeah. I was like, yeah, I know. I know, but I didn't, wasn't sure

George Snyder (05:58):

You did...

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