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What are the signs of disordered eating?

What are the signs of disordered eating?

Recovered Life Contributor Haven Jo Beck explores the critical issue of disordered eating, a problem that affects nearly 30 million Americans. Delving into the signs, symptoms, and emotional toll of disordered eating, she helps shed light on this complex issue many people face daily.

Whether it's Orthorexia, Night Eating Syndrome, or Compulsive Overeating, disordered eating can manifest in many ways. Discover how to recognize these signs, such as restrictive eating, excessive exercise, preoccupation with food, and misuse of laxatives or diet pills without medical supervision.

But this conversation goes beyond just identifying the problem. Haven also explains the severe health consequences of disordered eating, ranging from heart and digestive issues to bone weakening and mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

Most importantly, Haven shares the crucial steps toward recovery from disordered eating. Understanding and acknowledging the problem, seeking professional help, and finding support are all vital parts of the journey. After all, recovery isn't about achieving a 'perfect' body or diet—it's about cultivating a healthy, balanced relationship with food, exercise, and body image.

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