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What is behind food addiction with guest Dawn Elliott Kendall

What is behind food addiction with guest Dawn Elliott Kendall

In this revealing and insightful interview, host Damon Frank sits down with holistic psychotherapist and certified internal family system practitioner Dawn Elliott Kendall to discuss her journey with food addiction and recovery. They delve into the emotional and psychological aspects of food addiction, its unique challenges, and the significance of connection and support in overcoming this struggle.

Join us as we explore how even high achievers can be affected by addiction and why acknowledging and addressing the problem is the crucial first step toward healing. If you or someone you know is struggling with food addiction, this video provides valuable insights and resources to help navigate the journey to recovery.

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💡 Key Takeaways:

💡Emotional issues and disconnection can drive food addiction
💡Disordered eating can serve as a distraction from deeper issues
💡High achievers are not immune to addiction
💡Recognizing and addressing the problem is the first step toward recovery
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