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Writing a Goodbye Letter with Guest Josh Swanson

Josh Swanson from aNONymous shares insights on letting go, making amends, and overcoming shame to help you live your best recovered life.

In this episode of The Recovered Life Show, host Damon Frank sits down with Josh Swanson from aNONymous to discuss the profound impact of writing goodbye letters and letting go of shame in the recovery journey. Josh shares his personal experiences, including coping with his father's suicide and the transformative power of addressing unresolved emotions through writing. The conversation delves into the nuances of emotional sobriety, the amends process, and the importance of unlearning harmful beliefs. Josh offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to move past their traumas and live their best-recovered life.


You can connect with Josh and read his Writing a Goodbye Letter article here.

Solution 6: Writing a Goodbye Letter
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